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We are more than a directory!

CTC is the time-saving answer to grow your practice through quality, trusted, and proven marketing to the sources who refer directly to our providers. 

Wait, I have a few more questions...

Are you currently competing with large-scale clinics and hospitals?

At Choice Therapy Collective all members will receive the benefit of consistent direct marketing to local referral sources. By building an economy of scale, independent providers and small practices can compete with large-scale clinics and hospitals for referrals, simplifying and streamlining the referral process for doctors who now have a single place to send patients.

Are you overwhelmed by all of the steps needed to start your own practice?

At Choice Therapy Collective we have completed much of the leg work for you. From web presence to access to experienced business owners and private practitioners, the barriers to going out on your own are broken down. Our strategic marketing on your behalf, networking events, and overall support provide cost-saving solutions to minimize the financial burdens of being a private practitioner. 

Has your practice growth become stagnant or slow to grow?

Finding the time to connect with referral sources on a regular basis, investing money into marketing materials and strategies, and maintaining your website to stay on top of the google search list is overwhelming. These key ingredients to a successful practice are often placed on the back burner when therapists' time is dedicated to therapy, scheduling, planning, and billing. Our collective is designed to both reduce the burden of running a private practice while supporting independent clinicians in reaching their revenue goals. 

Is your website out-of-date, non-existent, or would you simply like more exposure?

Each member of CTC will be represented on our website, complete with a personalized web page listing your services, areas of specialty, and your background. Clients will be able to search and find you easily.

What is the model for Choice Therapy Collective?

Choice Therapy Collective is following the models created by mental health care providers, physicians, and holistic practitioners. Professionals in these industries have been coming together in collaborative ways to create economies of scale in order to advance their practices. Whether it is through representation on a single website or practicing under the same roof, professionals in these industries maintain their independence while benefiting from shared resources. 

So, how does this whole thing work?

Grow your practice and focus on therapy while maintaining your independence.

Step 1: Fill out the registration form (here)

Step 2: Pay for your first month's membership dues

Step 3: View your personalized web page - live within 2 business days! See the directory here

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Go Live

Our skilled marketing team will review your professional profile web page to make sure it is optimized for referrals. Once your page is live, 1,000's of clients in your area will be able to find and connect with you.

Enjoy the Benefits!

Your profile will appear in the CTC directory and in search engines like Google. As a member of the CTC community, you will benefit from our direct and targeted marketing within your community.

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